Recover MXF Files, MTS Files

Recover Lost MXF Files, MTS Files from SONY XDCAM, Canon XF, Panasonic P2, SxS Card , Gopro and etc.
You may have lost your MXF and MTS files for some reasons.
When you were using a recovery software, were you able to recover the file?
You say "NO".
The Software can't recover those files.
We can recover MXF and MTS files.

MXF, MTS files are divided thier many files in the memory card.
So the software can't recover it.
We can be attached many files divided the MXF, MTS files.

For example, SONY XDCAM, SONY HDCAM, Panasonic P2HD, Panasonic AVCCAM, CANON XF
CANON EOS 5D Mark2,Mark3, CANON EOS C300 , Gopro.

Send two memorys.
1. Original memory card.
2. Memory card entered sample data. Sample data is your camera used to take mxf files. Play times are same as a original data.

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